Introducing Strawberry Moon . . . . .  

The June moon was known as the “Strawberry” or “Rose” moon to Native American tribes, who measured time by things like the moon rather than by electronic devices. It occurs when the strawberries are ready to be picked, signaling the promise of spring, of regeneration and blessings from the Creator. June has always been a special month for us and so it is no coincidence that we chose to release this CD during this month, just a few days shy of the 2018 Strawberry Moon. My beautiful and gifted son was born June 8, 2004 during a rare astrological event called the Transit of Venus. This event is said to coincide with humanities shift to higher consciousness and a greater capacity for love and understanding among mankind. I truly believe that music is also a part of this great shift, in bringing us together in shared experience and emotion. Each of the songs on the Strawberry Moon album is unique, written from the emotions and observations I had of different situations, sometimes directly experienced by myself and sometimes not. The songs range from happy to sad, conciliatory to congratulatory, in observation of the great circle of life, of death and re-birth. As I write this, I suddenly acknowledge the fact that today marks the one year anniversary of the death of the great Gregg Allman. As I often observe with life’s synchronicities, this is not an accident. It bears noting that his life and death were of utmost inspiration in the creation of this album. I had not written a song in many years but wrote “Rose Hill” after watching his funeral livestreamed on the internet. The Allman Brother’s understated struggle to overcome racial and economic inequities to pursue some of the highest musical accomplishments in history is hopefully encapsulated in that song. That song literally gave birth to the majority of other songs on this album. We move forward into the emotions of rooting for the hometown football team, missing a loved one in both life and death, giving an abusive one the boot, ending with a good old fashioned drinking song. I hope you all enjoy listening to these songs as much as I did writing them and will join us in celebrating the vastness of the human experience, in realizing that we are more alike than different. I am so thankful to the Creator for giving us the powerful gift of music to share and experience emotion, the most highest of all being love. It is also no accident that the Strawberry Moon is pink and symbolizes love. 

Love to all and, as always, hope to see you at a show;)

Sarah Parker

Hamburg, NY May 27, 2018

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